I Help Students Achieve More Confidence Through Online Courses.

Everybody starts any journey with a lack of knowledge and therefore, a lack of confidence. I love helping people increase their confidence level with my blog and online courses, and I'm confident I can help you as well!

About Me.

I am a husband and father of two amazing kids! I am an entrepreneur with a love for RV camping and being in the outdoors away from all the drama. I have always had a passion for uplifting and encouraging others, and creating online courses allows me to engage with people like yourself! I truly hope my courses add value to you, and build the confidence you need to achieve your dreams!

Where I Started

I started my journey on a dairy farm in the sticks outside of Ashland, Oregon. It was a fairytale childhood, to be honest! After graduating high school I left for the ARMY where I spent four years on active duty, and then four years in the Oregon National Guard.

After that chapter of my life, I was plunged into the working world like most people. I was able to work into leadership positions where I found my love for leadership and personal growth. For me, building an engaged and cohesive team was a driving passion.

It was during this time I found my love for travel and RV camping. It took me hours of research to gain the confidence necessary to actually trust myself with an RV. Let's face it, nobody wants to do something stupid in front of other people! This research lead me to make my first online course known as the RV Adventure Bootcamp.

Creating the RVAB was my way of consolidating all I had learned hunting and pecking all over the internet into one course. A course I wish I had when I first started with RV camping.

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